Top Leaf blower-vacuum is designed for fast and efficient removing of leaves and trash from various lanes and yards. This versatile device is actually two devices in one package, blower and vacuum. By attaching the Leaf blower-vacuum to the front of basic machine with bolt mounted coupling, you can easily and efficiently blow leaves into larger piles. After this it is easy to disconnect the bolt mounted vacuum part from turning device and use it to vacuum the light material to tractor´s trailer.

Easy to mount

The Top Leaf blower can be mounted on the front loader or lifter of a tractor, wheel loader or utility machine. Mounting is done using a quick coupler of which we have 20 different options in our warehouse and more can be made according to need.

Mounting the Top Leaf vacuum is very simple. The device has a mounting groove that allows it to be attached to practically any tailgate or container edge. The device should be mounted so that the output pipe of the blower is directed into the container. After this, the hydraulic hoses are attached and the mounting is finished.

Depending on the size of the container, it might be advisable to use a net on top of the container, which allows air through but prevents the collected material from “foaming over” the sides. (A net is not included in the delivery.)

Simple to use with versatile reach

The Top Leaf blower-vacuum is easy to use. Just turn on the hydraulics and you’re ready to go. The leaf blower turns hydraulically left and right and the height of the blower from the ground can be adjusted by adjusting the height of the base machine’s front loader/lifter. This way, the most efficient working height and angle can always be found. This enables e.g. blowing leaves from right under trees and bushes.

When using the vacuum the nozzle delivered with the suction hose makes work easier, especially if the material is on the ground. Working with the nozzle is ergonomic. Move the nozzle or the end of the suction hose over the material to be collected and the powerful suction gathers the material into the container.

Almost maintenance free and safe

The Top Leaf blower-vacuum is almost maintenance free. There are only a few bearings requiring lubrication, nothing else All wearing parts of the Top Leaf blower-vacuum are made of wear-resistant steel, so that they need not be replaced often. The device takes in air from its right side. The suction channel is protected by a steel net, so that no impurities can get in and cause a blockage, and the net also makes the device safe for the operator.

Two devices in one package, saves time, money and resources

Efficient and time-saving machines and devices quickly save time and money. This is why it is a wise decision to buy a Top Leaf blower-vacuum. You will get two working devices in one package. With one investment you can blow leafs and trashes to piles and then vacuum those to container. Vacuum is also good device to collect other light material for example old buildings´s insulation material if it is sawdust, wood shavings or peat.

The removal and gathering of leaves and trash becomes efficient and pleasant work. The device is suitable for the efficient cleaning of large areas as well as small, tight areas. Even wet pine needles are efficiently blown away from asphalt or gravel.

TOP Leaf blower-vacuum accessories

Top Leaf blower-vacuum includes all accessories which you need to use it as leaf blower. If you will use it also as vacuum, you can choose 5 m or 10 m suction hose and also according your needs extended hydraulic hoses with connectors.

Technical data:

ModelProduct numberWidthHeightDepthWeight
Request an offerTop LPI Leaf blower-vacuum6037891220 mm850 mm1200 mm240 kg

Watch how the Serco TOP Leaf vacuum and Leaf Blower works:

Technical information

Use as Leaf blower – measurements:

– Width 1220mm

– Height 850mm

– Depth 1200mm

– Weight c. 240kg (incl. coupling, can variate little depending of coupling)

Use as Leaf vacuum – measurements:

– Width 620mm

– Height 650mm

– Length 721mm

– Weight 95kg 

Attention: Measurements are not including hydraulic hoses or suction hose.


– Turning of Blower is 90 degrees both sides. (together 180 degrees)

– The attachment of Blower to base machine with bolt mounted coupling. (included in the price)

– The diameter of suction hose used in vacuum is 203mm (sold separately)

– The length of suction hose is 5 m or 10 m. (will be chosen when order)


– The hydraulic of Top Leaf blower-vacuum is always made according the base machine.

– The need of oil flow in Leaf blower is min. 50L/min 

– The need of oil flow in Leaf vacuum is min 50L/min ja max 70L/min

– The Leaf Blower-vacuum needs five hydraulic lines. (Pressure, return and free return/tank line to blower/vacuum and one pair of hoses to turning cylinder.)


– The color of Leaf blower-vacuum is RAL7024 (dark grey).

Download the brochure of TOP Leaf blower-vacuum by clicking the picture:


Top 5 m/10 m suction hose for TOP Leaf Vacuum
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