Use original spare parts to ensure your machine’s functionality and long service life.

Buying a new machine is just the first step in the lifespan of a machine/device. In order for the owner and user of the machine to benefit from it throughout its entire lifespan, spare parts must be readily available. This is the responsibility of the machine manufacturer. The time it takes to replace a worn or damaged part is one of the indicators of the efficiency of the machine manufacturer.

Use original spare parts to ensure your machine’s functionality and long service life. All SERCO spare parts are original parts. By using original spare parts, you do not have to worry about compatibility and you can ensure a high resale value for your machine.

As the manufacturer of SERCO products, we promise that original SERCO spare parts are always readily available. You can always order them directly from us. We will do our best to ensure that the machine you have purchased is in active use, not at the repair shop. We also require the same thing from all of our partners. This applies to our maintenance and sales partners both in Finland and abroad.

Using the spare parts numbers found in the user manual/spare parts list delivered with SERCO products, it is easy to identify the needed spare parts.

Spare parts enquiries from manufacturer:

Spare parts orders

If you need help concerning spare parts, please contact us. Before contacting us, please check the type and serial number of your machine/device. This information allows us to help you more quickly. Best way to contact us is via e-mail.

Note the time of placing an order

All spare part orders placed before noon can be sent out during the same working day. Orders placed after noon are automatically shipped the following working day at the earliest.