Service and support

All machines and devices require servicing sometimes. SERCO work devices are no exception.

Maintenance procedures and points as well as user tips can be found in the user manual/spare parts list that is delivered along with a SERCO product. It is worth familiarising yourself with them and performing the necessary maintenance procedures as planned. This way you can ensure that your SERCO product has a long and efficient lifespan.

Sometimes, in spite of these maintenance procedures, your device may need additional servicing or you simply want to concentrate on your business and let someone else take care of the servicing and replacement of spare parts. You might also need tips for using your machine. This is where we come in. You can get professional servicing and technical support directly from the manufacturer or you can contact your closest SERCO dealer. Tell us what has happened or what kind of maintenance/installing your device needs. We will calculate you an offer. 

SERCO manufacturer’s technical support and servicing enquiries

Teemu Arola
+358 2 4808 7006

Service partners

We endeavour to bring maintenance services as close to you as possible and that is why we are continuously developing our international service network.

As service partners, we only accept professionals, who have adequate experience and know-how and who commit to performing high-quality and speedy maintenance specifically on SERCO products. When servicing SERCO products, our service partners commit to using exactly the right spare parts, some of which have been manufactured at our factory.

We are currently seeking new service partners in Sweden and Norway, among other countries. Please contact us if you are interested in cooperation with us.