The TL road grader, which is a part of the SERCO Kerttu product group, is a sturdy and reliable professional choice for the maintenance and upkeep of gravel roads of various sizes. The device has been developed and manufactured in Finland. Thanks to its sturdy tubular beam frame, it is both strong and durable. The development of the device began already in the 1980s and has since then its design has included e.g. the extremely effective positioning of the blades.

Image 1. The sturdy tubular beam frame and the effective positioning of the blades make the SERCO Kerttu road grader a reliable and durable choice for professionals for the maintenance and upkeep of gravel roads of various sizes.

Changes of 2023 renewed Kerttu TL road grader

  1. Higher blade holders

There has not been problems with blade holders, but we have got feedback from users that those could be even more higher so in this renewed model we increased the height of blade holders. This means better mix of material between blades.

  1. Stone rake`s carrier wheels adjustment

Stone rake`s carrier wheels height adjustment earlier happened so that you had to remove some bolts etc. Now in this renewed road grader you can easily adjust height with push rods. This is important and facilitating feature, when stone rake`s blades worn.

  1. Work lights as standard equipment

Earlier work lights was option but now it is standard equipment. Those are easily turned to forward or backwards to follow the work result.

  1. Gravity acting clinometer

It has been earlier also possible to adjust Kerttu road grader`s tilt angle, but not with any meter, or any scale. Now in this renewed model is gravity acting clinometer as standard equipment. It is easy to check tilting angle and adjust it again and again to same angle.

Why choose a SERCO road grader?

Do you need a road grader, but won’t build up a lot of operating hours or driving kilometres annually? Have you ever calculated the costs of a road grader per driven kilometre or operating hour? You should. One of the main advantages of the Serco Kerttu TL Road grader is its cost-effectiveness per driven kilometre or operating hour when compared to other heavy and expensive road graders on the market, especially if there won’t be a lot of driven kilometres or operating hours per year.

Additionally, the Serco Kerttu TL Road grader is a very long-lived investment and the need for maintenance is very small. It only has the technology necessary for achieving good results. An effort has been made to strip it of everything unnecessary or parts that easily develop faults in order to create a durable, low-maintenance and cost-effective grader.

The Serco Kerttu TL Road grader also has feature, which many other road graders on the market lack. This feature is appreciated by many and many professionals with long histories of grading have added this feature to their road graders themselves. It is driving the side blade at an over angle. This feature lets you e.g. handily shape the slope of a ditch.

Image 2. A feature of the SERCO Kerttu TL Road grader that is appreciated also by professionals, is the option to drive the side blade at an over angle.

Usability and efficiency as standard

The geometry of the Kerttu Road grader’s blades has proven to be good in practice. The two front blades remove the material from the road surface and pull it from the sides to the centre, effectively starting the mixing of the material already at the front of the grader. The last working blade is a long, one-part blade, which evens out the material together with the free-floating stone rake. The adjustment of the stone rake’s working height is independent of the devices other settings. The side blade is located right at the front of the device, allowing for the material from the side to effectively mix with the other material.

Image 3. The hydraulic side blade is located right at the front of the device, allowing for the material from the side to effectively mix with the other material.

Working speed has a great effect on the grading result and it must always be adapted to the prevailing conditions and the surface to be graded.


During driving, the device’s tilt, side blade and working depth can be adjusted hydraulically from the cab. The tilt is used to shape the road surface so that it is angled towards the ditch and rain water won’t be left pooling on the road. The road grader is attached to the tow beams of the tractor and they are used to adjust working depth together with the hydraulic lift of the back end. Using the road grader requires 2 x double-action hydraulic blocks and a 1 x single-action block from the tractor.

The Serco Kerttu TL Road grader is available in one size. The road grader weighs 1,760 kg, but additional weights are available as accessories and the weight of the grader can be raised to over 3,000 kg. The blades have standard attachment (305 mm).

Well equipped

The Serco Kerttu TL Road grader has lights (also work lights), a warning beacon, gravity acting clinometer and a hydraulic side blade as standard. Additional weights and various blade options, e.g. stinger blades, are available as optional extras for the Kerttu TL Road graders.

Technical data:

ModelProduct numberLength max.Length without stone rakeWidth of main bladesMax. height (side blade up)WeightTilt (left / right)Required power of base machine min.
Request an offerKerttu 2500TL1046019850 mm7650 mm2400 mm2100 mm1790 kg500 mm / 15 degreesOver 80 hp

Watch the video:

Technical information


– Hydraulic lift

– Hydraulic tilt left/right: 500 mm/15 degrees

– Hydraulic side blade  >> You can use it in over angle! Maximum over angle is 22 degrees.

– Spinning tow beam

– Floating stone rake

– Gravity acting clinometer

– Standard blade attachment (305mm)

– Lights (also work lights), led – warning beacon and slow vehicle warning sign.

– Tires 10.0 / 75 – 15.3 

– Ground clearance at transport mode: 400 mm

Hydraulic requirements:

– 2 x double-action hydraulic blocks
– 1 x single-action block (total. 5 hoses)

Check also accessories: 

– SERCO TL Stinger blades (to front blades)
– SERCO TL Additional weights 1,2 or 3 pcs 500kg weights (max. 1500kg / road grader)

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SERCO Additional weight 500 kg
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SERCO Stinger blade set TL
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