TOP Zoom plows are suitable for a variety of tasks, where different plow positions are needed for moving and plowing snow both when driving and backing up. The zoom plows can be used in large terminals and parking lots as well as narrow yards thanks to their hydraulically adjustable wings. This makes for swift moving and gathering of snow.

It helps you use the features of your machine in accordance with conditions and situation and helps lessen the need for manual work. The Top Zoom plow and its specially designed cogged blades leave a rough plowed surface and simultaneously lift up old grit lessening the need for gritting. It helps reduce base, environmental and machine damages due to not needing pressing and a smoothly operating impact protection. This makes for happy customers and motivated drivers.

Available so called lighter standard version and little heavier so called MAX-version

There are available two versions of SERCO Top zoom plows, standard version and MAX-version. Both versions has same features, but measures and capacity are little different.

Top plow`s MAX-versions has bigger capacity/volume to remove snow due to higher and deeper wing. Naturally MAX-versions are little heavier than standard version with same work width. Max-versions are the right option when you do not have place to store snow and basic machine has capacity for heavier plow.

Can be attached to various base machines

Top Zoom plows are available for a variety of different base machines and in several size classes. The zoom plows can be mounted e.g. on tractors, wheel loaders, compact tractors and utility machines.

Top Zoom plows can be equipped with any quick coupler. We already stock more than 20 different quick couplers and more can be made if needed.

Robustness creates reliability

Top Zoom plows are plows meant for professional use and are extremely reliable even when in rough use. Thanks to their straight-forward and well-designed construction and years of experience, there are few parts that may malfunction or need servicing. All the important wear parts are made from high-tensile steel. These features are cost-effective in the long run and are user-friendly.

Unbelievably versatile

The versatile movements of the Top Zoom plows make work easier on different sites. These zoom plows can be widened and narrowed as needed. They are narrow enough for tight lanes and small yards, but wide enough for efficiently plowing larger yards as well. All Top Zoom plows also have vertical and tilt float, which ensures a good plowing result.

The wings of the Top Zoom plows, which can be spread simultaneously or separately, the manually lifted end plates and the hydraulic plow turning create an unbelievable variety of plowing methods. The hydraulic turning device has been equipped with pressure safety valves and separate impact protectors. Try it out and be surprised by the possibilities.

Save money

Top Zoom plows help save time when plowing when compared to fixed-wing plows. You can also use them to plow while backing up! And saving time is like putting money in the bank. If saving time when plowing isn’t so important to you, then maybe the versatility of the Top Zoom plows is what lets you save money. By investing in a Top Zoom plow, you may not need another plow and can take care of different tasks using this one plow.

The genuine and original

Top Zoom plows have been sold for over 25 years and more than 1,500 of them have been sold. It is the genuine and original zoom plow, which has been developed over the years based on feedback from several customers and user experience. One of these developments has been the profile of the wings (e.g. MAX versions).


All Top zoom plows has mechanically lift able side plates. Side plates are equipped with floating blades (plastic) so it will not lift the main blade, it will follow the shapes of ground surface.


Image 1. Top zoom plows has mechanically lift able side plates with floating side blades.

Models of standard-version:

ModelProduct numberWeight (approx. depending of coupling)Work width (min. /max.)Total width (min. /max.)Wing`s heightWing`s
weight of
base machine
Pyydä tarjousTop 6113M SA603407270 kg1300-2100 mm600 mm251-3 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 6113 SA603408310 kg1300-2100 mm1402 – 2202 mm600 mm300 mm251-3 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 6115 SA603409380 kg1500-2500 mm1602 – 2602 mm600 mm300 mm252-4 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 6118 SA (light)603410490 kg1800-2900 mm1943 – 3043 mm720 mm280 mm252,5-4 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 6118H SA (heavy)603411720 kg1800-2900 mm1886 – 2986 mm800 mm380 mm304-8 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 6120 SA603412800 kg2000-3200 mm2102 – 3302 mm800 mm380 mm304-8 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 6123 SA603413870 kg2300-3700 mm2402 – 3802 mm800 mm380 mm305-12 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 6125 SA603414920 kg2500-4100 mm2602 – 4202 mm800 mm380 mm307-15 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 6131 SA6050061550 kg3150-5550 mm3338 – 5738 mm1150 mm380 mm3010-20 tons

Models of heavier MAX-version:

Model (MAX-versions)Product numberWeight (approx. depending of coupling)Work width (min. /max.)Total width (min. /max.)Wing`s heightWing`s
weight of
base machine
Pyydä tarjousTop 1502H SA603416450 kg1500-2500 mm1602 – 2602 mm720 mm300 mm252-4 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 1802H SA603417825 kg1800-2900 mm1943 – 3043 mm960 mm380 mm304-8 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 2002H SA603418900 kg2000-3200 mm2102 – 3302 mm960 mm380 mm304-8 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 2302H SA603419970 kg2300-3700 mm2402 – 3802 mm960 mm380 mm305-12 tons
Pyydä tarjousTop 2502H SA6034201030 kg2500-4100 mm2602 – 4202 mm960 mm380 mm307-15 tons

Get to know how the Top zoom plow works in the video:

Technical Information


– Turning angle +/- 25 or 30 degrees (depending on model size)
– Hydraulic turning device with pressure release
– Vertical- and tilt floating
– Lift able side plates with floating side blades
– Spring loaded release mechanism


– Electrohydraulic control is build according your base machine`s hydraulic
(one or two hose pairs).
– Hydraulic connectors according your choice. (Remember to inform at order.)


– You can choose normal toothed blade or smooth blade.
– The color of plow is RAL7024 (dark grey)

Download the brochure by clicking the picture: