Manufacturer of SERCO work devices

SERCO devices are manufactured by JPT Serco Oy

We at JPT Serco design and manufacture innovative SERCO brand work devices for the year-round maintenance and upkeep of various roads and lanes. Our main products are equipment for professional snow ploughing, grit spreading, levelling, washing and sweeping. Our most known products are e.g. the snow plows of the Top range and the disc spreaders of the Vilho range. In addition to design and manufacture, we offer our clients a versatile spare parts and maintenance service as well as a continuously developing maintenance network.


The SERCO brand has its roots in Finland’s Ostrobothnia, where the manufacture of road maintenance devices began already in 1994. Manufacture was moved to its current location in Köyliö following an asset deal in 2006. In 2019, we further expanded our operations by first making an asset deal with HK-Kone Oy, which manufactures the TOP brand, and soon after that we made a deal with Reko Tuote Oy, which manufactures the SKAALA brand. In 2023, growth continued with the business transaction with Reko Tuote Oy regarding all Reko-Kone products.

“These asset deals enforce our strategy,” says our Managing Director, Juha Kumlander. “Now we can serve all clients e.g. when selling plows, from small compact tractors to large tractors and wheel loaders.”

In 2020 we renewed our brand in order to make our operations and services more clear. The entire product and service concept was concentrated under the SERCO brand. TOP and SKAALA, however, did not disappear, they simply moved under SERCO as their own product ranges. Reko-Kone products will also be transferred under the SERCO brand.

Operation guided by values

We renewed our brand in order to better serve our clients. In the core of the SERCO brand are the everyday heroes sitting in the cabs of work machines, doing valuable work in order to keep our environment safe and clean. It is this work that we want to enable now and in the future.

The new values guiding our operations are determination, openness and reliability. This means more open and tighter cooperation with all of our client groups and a guarantee that our products do what they promise to do and even more.

The Finnhorse is the only horse breed developed in Finland. Its history goes back about one thousand years. The Finnhorse has been used for riding, working and racing. (Source: SA-kuva)

Man and horse

What does the Finnhorse have to do with us? In connection with our brand renewal, a symbol reminiscent of a Finnhorse’s head was added to our logo. This is no coincidence, as we as a company strongly identify with this tireless work machine, who, together with our war heroes, enabled the independence and rebuilding of Finland.

The Finnhorse has always been more than just a work machine. It has also been a trusted work partner. The Finnhorse is also described as being a strong, robust and honest companion. We at SERCO want to promise all of this to our clients: a honest and strong companion as well as high-quality and durable products.

Enabling hero stories

Today, we at SERCO are motivated by the everyday heroes, who climb into their work machines to ensure the safety and cleanliness of our environment, no matter what the time of day is. The Finnhorse has been replaced with a machine and device you want to trust. This is why we are determined to develop both new products and our old products to be more efficient, durable and innovative, so that they can enable road maintenance hero stories now and in the future.

Quality comes first

To us quality in not just a word, because it isn’t only that to our clients either. The end users must be able to trust that our products do what they promise and even a bit more. This is why we perform operation inspections on all of the products leaving our facility and ensure the functionality of product development innovations through prototyping. We always endeavour to find solutions for problems that are the easiest from the client’s point of view. This can only be done through tight cooperation with our clients.

Using our Finnish persistence and open-mindedness, we develop our operations and products in order to help our clients reach their goals. To show that these are not just words, our operations are continuously evaluated by an unbiased, accredited organisation. As proof of our high-quality operation and continuous development, we have been given a certification of quality in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 management system standard. More information on our quality system can be found in our quality policy.

Did you know that e.g. the ISO 9001:2015 standard is no just about bureaucracy and drawing up documents? It is more and more about finding solutions for better customer service and continuous development that benefits the client. It is a real tool and its successful use is rewarded with a certificate that is valid for three years. This is why we are very serious about keeping the certificate valid continuously, so that we can prove to you that our operations are high-quality, responsible and continuously developing.

Responsibility is the future

We, as a company have, committed to the energy efficiency objectives described in the energy efficiency agreements in the summer of 2018. This means that SERCO products are manufactured in energy-efficient, modern production facilities, using energy-efficient production methods. Our lighting has been replaced with energy-efficient LED lights and in the summer of 2019, the entire HVAC system was renewed. Oil heating was replaced with ecological air to water heat pumps. We sort our waste into various metals, wood, energy waste and mixed waste. We collect and press all cardboard and plastics ourselves with our own Orwak 3400 cardboard press and HSM VL 600 plastic press.

In our factory, we also use Co2-free electricity. The local electricity company Paneliankosken Voima supplies us electricity that is produced using production methods that do not cause carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

As part of being responsible, we have considered the Personal Data Act (§ 10 and 24) and EU’s GDPR in our operations. Based on these, we have shaped a privacy policy for our operations and register descriptions; client register description, supplier register description, SERCO newsletter subscriber register description and employee register description. We want to operate in confidence towards the people who have given us their personal information i.e. the registered. This confidence also includes openness towards the registered and the rights of the registered. We are happy to answer any questions. No matter is too small.

JPT Serco Oy

SERCO products are designed, manufactured and sold by the Finnish family company JPT Serco Oy

Places of business in Finland:

3 500 m2 factory
Design, welding, wet painting, assembly, testing, sales, spare parts warehouse and maintenance.

Lappeenranta, sales office

We currently employ around 25 professionals.