Machines for the roadside heroes

SERCO products are used in various locations and applications. Our main products are equipment for professional snow ploughing, grit spreading, levelling, washing and sweeping. Our best-known products are the Top and Skaala snow ploughs, Reko spreader wagons and Vilho disc spreaders.

By purchasing a SERCO work device for the needs of your company/operation, you ensure carefree working years well into the future.

Cost-efficiency has been taken into consideration in the design of SERCO products not from the manufacturing point of view, but from the implementation point of view. Serviceability contributes to user-friendliness and we had paid special attention to it. Robustness and durability are values appreciated by SERCO customers, but also by us as SERCO manufacturers. These are values we want to hold on to without compromise.

The product development of SERCO products never stops. For as long as we manufacture a certain device, we will listen to customer feedback and learn from it to further develop our products. It all comes down to a customer-oriented approach and our mindset to challenge ourselves again and again.

The manufacture of SERCO products is a careful process consisting of modern design methods, manufacturing equipment and real professionals. You are welcome to learn about the manufacture of SERCO products at our factory in Säkylä. Find out more here and make an appointment.

Quality control during the manufacture of SERCO products is very strict. We are aware of the costs that come from delivering a faulty product to a customer and that is why all SERCO machines go through a series of inspections and inspection reports are filled out. At SERCO, all employees are responsible for quality. We always fix any faults or deficiencies we notice to ensure best possible quality. If, however, you should detect a deficiency or quality anomaly, please let us know about it immediately so that we can investigate the issue, fix it and get you back to work.

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How SERCO products are manufactured? See video below.