SERCO Hardox Screw 1000/1250/1500LKS (603820)

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SERCOn Hardox Conveyor Screw 1000-1500 is for Vilho Disc Bucket Spreaders 1000LKS, 1250LKS, 1500LKS, 1000LKS-K, 1250LKS-K and 1500LKS-K.

SKU: 603820

Serco Hardox Screw 1000-1500

Sercon Hardox Conveyor Screw 1000-1500 is accessory for Serco Vilho LKS Disc Bucket Spreaders. It is for Vilho 1000LKS, Vilho 1250LKS, Vilho 1500LKS, Vilho 1000LKS-K, Vilho 1250LKS-K and Vilho 1500LKS-K models.

Hardox screw is more durable and you can order it as accessory to new or used Vilho LKS spreader.