Warranty terms

The warranty period

The warranty period is granted for a new device, for its first owner.

The warranty period for most SERCO products is 12 months from the date of delivery. However, the warranty period for each individual device must be checked either from the seller or from the user manual delivered with the product. If no user manual was delivered with the product, the warranty period is 12 months.

Warranty requirements

The warranty requires that all of the device’s maintenance and usage instructions have been followed when installing, using and maintaining the device. The warranty does not apply if the payment terms have not been followed.

Scope of warranty

The warranty applies to defects in material and workmanship. The warranty does not cover defects caused by installations, maintenance procedures or repairs performed by others than JPT Serco Oy, or if other than original spare parts have been installed in the device e.g. parts of the wrong size or model. The warranty also does not compensate damages caused by overloading the device. The device is not covered by the warranty, if changes have been made to it without the consent of the manufacturer.

The warranty does not cover damages caused by a faulty device, costs incurring from the exchange of the device, the buyer’s production losses, non-gained profits or other direct or indirect costs.

The warranty does not apply to hoses, hose connectors or nipples, or to consumables such as hydraulic oil.

If the fault must be repaired on the buyer’s premises, the incurred costs that are not covered by the warranty, such as travel time and accommodation expenses, daily allowances, waiting time and pay for over time, are charged in accordance with the work charging principles of JPT Serco Oy.

Warranty claim

If the buyer wants to claim the warranty, they must without delay inform the seller or JPT Serco Oy of the faults that are detected during the warranty period. The faulty part must be immediately returned to JPT Serco Oy for warranty processing. The part must be accompanied by a written report, which details:

  • Where the device/part comes from
  • Type of device
  • Serial number
  • Vehicle to which the device is mounted
  • Number of usage hours
  • Date of detection
  • Description of fault

The returned part/device must not have irrelevant parts attached to it. The sender pays for the shipping of the returned part. If the fault in question fulfils the warranty terms, JPT Serco Oy has the right to proceed as they see fit:

  • By replacing the damaged part with a new one or a spare part,
  • By repairing or having the damaged part repaired or
  • By reimbursing the part’s price

The warranties of the parts that have been replaced or repaired end at the same time as the warranty of the device. The device/part that has been exchanged on the basis of the warranty remains the seller’s property until the faulty device/part has been verified in warranty processing.