SERCO – JPT Jaskari Oy

JPT Jaskari Oy is one of the leading Finnish manufacturers of road maintenance equipment including de-icing. The Serco trademark has a long tradition. It has been produced since 1994. JPT Jaskari in Köyliö acquired the traditional trademark in 2006 and it is today the only manufacturer of all Serco products.

Serco products are manufactured with materials and components of the highest scandinavian quality. The whole production from planning and finalizing to the final testing takes place at our own production site. Our leading principle is to manufacture reliable and high-quality products for professionals regardless of time and place and under which conditions the Serco-products are used.

Contact information

Ristolantie 5, 27710 KÖYLIÖ, FINLAND


Juha-Pekka Jaskari

+358 248 087 001



Marko Uusi-Laurila

+358 248 087 006



Armi Kaukoperko

+358 248 087 004



(Sheet metal & Steel wire)

Outi Nenonen

+358 248 087 007